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Explore relevant and practical approaches to language/content development, family engagement, and social/emotional support. We offer MANY options to match the time commitment you can make!

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We've offer classroom resources, strategies, and videos to help you engage your English learners.

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While we can do so much online, we do still love to meet everyone in person with workshops, modeling, planning, and coaching. Email Kelly to brainstorm!  [email protected]

Learn how English Learner Portal can support your educators and families.

Whether it be through face to face workshops, online workshops, coaching, collaborative lesson planning, online courses, program development ...... English Learner Portal is dedicated to helping you ensure ALL students, especially your English learners, reach their full potential.

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Focus on academic language with consistent terms, visuals, and definitions. Available in Arabic, Chinese, English, and Spanish.

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Meet the Founder of English Learner Portal

Kelly Reider has 28+ years of experience as a public school ESL teacher, content teacher, staff developer, school and district administrator.  Kelly maintains an up-to-date global view of language development as an international workshop facilitator, teacher and coach.  Districts across the U.S. have entrusted their teachers and programs to the realistic and practical approach of English Learner Portal.  Contact Kelly at [email protected].

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"Even with all the training that I have received in my field, I still found it very helpful to see how you provided instruction using various strategies to increase interaction, comprehension, and critical thinking for all teachers and how we can use it to help our English Language Learners."

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ESOL Teacher

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