How can language and content be developed simultaneously by ALL teachers to boost academic achievement?

Your go-to resource for professional development, curriculum development, and program consultation focused on the success of English learners.

English Learner Portal was founded by Kelly Reider after 25 years of experience as a public school ESL teacher, content teacher, staff developer, school and district administrator. Kelly has deep expertise and experience helping others grow programs that support students. Kelly maintains a global view of language development as a WIDA Licensed Facilitator and a school system view as a teacher and coach. Districts across the United States have entrusted their teachers and programs to the realistic and practical approach Kelly takes to program and teacher development. Whether face-to-face or online, teachers walk away from English Learner Portal experiences feeling confident and empowered!

Actionable, Immediate Tactics

Discover modest tweaks that can transform the engagement of your English Learners. You will be given proven best practices that you can apply right away without disrupting your entire class structure. 

Build Reasonable Expectations

Gain confidence knowing what reasonable expectations you should have for each student, and how to plan appropriate rigorous instruction for them. Learn how to understand test scores and how they can be used to support differentiation. 

Confident Course Plans

Create language embedded lesson plans that support your English Learners and help them fully participate in any content class. You will notice a transformation as both you and your students grow in confidence. 

"Even with all the training that I have received in my field, I still found it very helpful to see how you provided instruction using various strategies to increase interaction, comprehension, and critical thinking for all teachers and how we can use it to help our English Language Learners."

Comment from Face-to-Face Training
ESOL Teacher

Two ways to learn and earn professional development hours and graduate credits!

Face-to-Face Trainings

Location based trainings are ideal for when you are coming as a team or even arriving solo. Offered throughout the country, these two-day intensives focus in on one area and dive deep to give you actionable tactics you can apply immediately. 

Discover Face-to-Face Trainings

Online Courses

Structured online courses moderate the content pace to keep you learning without information overwhelm. You get to learn in the comfort of your own home and still have the engagement thru our private community and live online sessions. 

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