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Healthy Bites



"Healthy Bites" energizes students with a project-focused approach, blending health, language arts, and science to develop a collaborative healthy menu for a mock restaurant while integrating language development and early literacy skills.

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Maps and Landforms

A fun-filled curriculum where elementary students embark on a journey of discovery, exploring diverse landscapes and mastering the art of map reading.


Becoming a Meteorologist

"Become a Meteorologist" invites elementary students on an exciting adventure into the world of weather, exploring the secrets of the skies and the science behind forecasts.



Money Money Money


The "Money Money Money" unit explores American currency with a focus on wants, needs, and budgeting while integrating language development and literacy skills.




 In this 5 lesson mini unit, students practice counting money and solving money-related problems while developing the language of math.




Early Literacy Supplements


Our early literacy supplements use a whole-to-part approach to oral language and literacy development for beginning English speakers/newcomers.  Each supplement is designed to coordinate with our curriculum units. Each contains 6 lesson plans and supporting materials for a stress-free implementation.


Early Literacy


An early literacy lesson sequence integrating the "Healthy Bites" language and content with early literacy skills.

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Early Literacy



An early literacy lesson sequence that integrates the "Maps and Landforms" language and content with early literacy skills.


Early Literacy


An early literacy lesson sequence that integrates the "Becoming a Meteorologist" language and content with early literacy skills.


Early Literacy


An early literacy lesson sequence that integrates the "Money Money Money" language and content with early literacy skills.


Secondary Curriculum


Units are designed for beginning English speakers/newcomers in grades 9-12. They contain a variety of lessons that are each approximately 60 minutes in length. Includes slides full of visuals to support student learning. Units can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of grades 6-8 and/or intermediate English proficiency students.


This Ecosystems curriculum takes secondary students on an exploratory journey through diverse habitats, unraveling the intricate balance and interdependence of life on Earth.


Financial Literacy


Immigrant students often gravitate towards entrepreneurship. This unit dives into money, budgeting, and financial responsibility to spark their business aspirations in the U.S. Structured lessons culminate in a mini business plan presentation.

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Indigenous People

This unit shines a light on indigenous communities, both past and present, celebrating their inventions, discoveries, and historical contributions.

Success in School

This unit dives into all things American high school. Make sure your students are fully equipped to navigate the ins and outs of this educational experience from decoding class schedules to getting involved in extra-curricular activities. This unit focuses on teaching the language and culture that will help students thrive in all aspects of school life. 

Technology for a Closer Community

Understanding the impact of technology is a crucial part of being in a community. This unit is going to take a step back and assess the impacts of technology over time. We'll look at how it has changed the way we interact with each other and how it has affected our sense of community. And here's the cool part - we'll also take a critical look at our technology use and see how it relates to our connection with others.

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Curriculum Units for English Learners


Project based learning units for beginning English speakers.


Designed to simplify your job and enhance learning. English Language Development curriculum from English Learner Portal is expertly crafted to guide you through every lesson with ease and effectiveness. 

  • High interest topics with relevant projects
  • User-friendly, scripted lesson plans
  • Supporting slides, images, and student handouts included
  • Aligned to WIDA English Language Development Standards¬†and integrated with Common Core, C3, and Next Generation Science

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Time-saving and stress free curriculum

 Teacher benefit:  Just preview the unit, download materials, copy, project, & go!

Student benefit: Engaging lessons that strategically develop content area-related language, literacy, and background knowledge to boost confidence in the content classroom.