Improve academic language with Thinking Verbs

Although there is no magic answer to quickly resolve the challenges of merging different languages within your school, there is a simple approach that can be implemented school-wide, grade by grade, to make a lasting impact. Thinking Verbs!

When you use Thinking Verbs schoolwide, you utilize a consistent approach to introducing academic language.


As we introduce Thinking Verbs to students, we use consistent icons and definitions across all grades. This way everyone schoolwide has consistent expectations when viewing the images and in how the terms are explained. 

When students focus on the thinking verbs, they are really focusing in on the directions. Students often understand concepts, but sometimes don’t understand the directions for a task in a manner that will lead them to show you how much they know.  This break-down of what they know and how they communicate can be alleviated through the use of the Thinking Verbs. 


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