Frequently Asked Questions

about our 5 hour courses and Professional Learning Pathways


When are the courses offered?

 We begin new sessions of the open courses each January, March, June, September, and November.

What courses are available?

You can find a list of open courses and links to more information HERE.

What does self-paced mean?

Self-paced means that you gain access to the course materials on the start date and work at your pace.  The course content is available online 24/7 for you to access anytime.  Courses remain open for 3 months after the start date.

What are Pathways?

Our Pathways are a set of 3 related 5 hour courses.  A Pathway gives you the ability to go deeper into the topics and also allows you the option to earn 1 graduate credit for an additional $75 paid to UMass Global (more details within the courses).  You can also save money by enrolling in a Pathway for just $215 for 3 courses!

What do the courses require?

If you would like to receive digital credentials (a certificate and digital badge) for completing the course, you must review the courses' Participant Guide and complete the noted assignments.  Those assignments are submitted to the instructor, who grants your credential.  Assignments vary from course to course, but all can be completed within the allotted 5 hours.

Do I have to do the assignments?

If you just want to enjoy the course content and you aren't concerned about a certificate or evidence of completion, you are welcome to enroll and explore without doing the assignments.

Can I pay for my courses with a purchase order?

Yes!  Just email [email protected] with the courses you would like and Kelly will help you with a quote to begin the purchase order process.

Can a district create a cohort for a course with customized dates?

Absolutely! Just email [email protected] with your wishes and we can get plans in place!

Ready to explore your options?

Visit our 5 hour course page for more information on each course and Pathway!

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