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Leadership Coaching - Language Rich Classrooms


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A Content Teacher's Guide to English Learner Success

A compilation of impactful ideas and strategies, honed over years of experience by hundreds of teachers, that seamlessly integrates language development into your existing curriculum, ensuring your students benefit from the best of both worlds.

45 PD HOURS | $450.00

Eligible for 3 graduate credits for an additional $225 paid to UMass Global.

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About the Presenters

Kelly Reider

Kelly has 30 years of experience in public education settings including consultant, ESL district program coordinator, school administrator, instructional specialist, & teacher. She is an international workshop facilitator, former WIDA Certified Facilitator, a recipient of the TESOL ELT Leadership Management Certificate, and a National Board Certified Early Childhood Generalist. She provides consulting and professional development services in all aspects of instruction, language development, program evaluation, curriculum development, & system level program planning. Kelly holds a Master's degree in Instructional Systems Development & certification in Elementary Education, Spanish, ESOL, & School Administration.


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