Tan and Beth's new book was just released! Here is the re-play for our chat about their new book, how they selected the topic and audience, and background ideas and strategies.



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Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals

In this 45-minute interactive webinar, authors Tan Huynh and Beth Skelton will share an instructional framework from their forth-coming book Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals. In the webinar, you will learn four essential actions and practical strategies that create the conditions for success for experienced multilingual students, the assets-based term for students classified as long-term English learners.


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Monday, March 6th



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About the Presenters

Tan Huynh

Tan (@TanKHuynh) is a career teacher, consultant, and author specializing in language acquisition and literacy development. Tan has taught students from 5th to 10th grade in public, private, charter, and international schools.  He has served as a language specialist and is currently a secondary social studies teacher.  Tan shares teaching strategies on his blog and podcast with the hopes of celebrating teachers who answer the call to serve multilingual learners. 

Beth Skelton

Beth has 30 years of experience as a language educator. She has worked with early childhood, elementary, middle, high school and adult language learners in rural, urban, suburban, and international school settings. She is an active board member of CoTESOL (Colorado Teachers of English for Speakers of Other Languages). She has published materials for teaching adult English Learners with the TPRS method entitled Putting it Together. She holds a Master’s Degree in Multicultural Teacher Education and certification in German and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education.


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