Are these curriculum units right for you?  Hopefully this FAQ will help you decide!

Frequently Asked Questions

  •  The units are aligned to which standards of learning?   The units are aligned to the:
    • WIDA 2020 English Language Development Standards
    • Common Core Standards for Language Arts and Mathematics
    • Next Generation Science Standards
    • National Council for the Social Studies C3 Framework
    • National Model for School Counseling Programs
  • Why Project Based Learning?  Our units are aligned to the Buck Institute for Education Gold Standard Teaching Practices for PBL. A Project Based Learning approach allows us to provide high interest topics with embedded content background knowledge development to help fill gaps for students whose education partially took place outside of the United States. PBL allows for voice and choice that is often lacking for our students in traditional curriculum. PBL also requires a significant amount of interaction, language and literacy usage, and higher order thinking allowing us to maximize the English language development block of the student day.
  • Are the units aligned to the Science of Reading?  The lessons align to the Science of Reading and the 5 Pillars of Reading through the intentional design of supplemental instruction in the areas of Vocabulary, Comprehension, Phonics, Phonemic Awareness, and Comprehension. The Science of Reading research is then supplemented with research specifically about how English learners develop literacy.
  • Can these units be used for Tier 1 instruction for English learners?  Only for English language development classes. English language development standards are the primary content focus for these units. While the units are aligned to and in support of other content areas, they do not fully address the other content standards and should not be used for Tier 1 instruction in any content area of the than ELD.
  • Can these units be used as a supplement to Tier 1 instruction?  Yes!  The units are meant to build upon the knowledge and skills developed in content area Tier 1 instruction.
  • What is the best use for these units?  The units are primarily designed to be curriculum for the English language development time delivered by an English language development teacher as mandated by federal law. The units can also be used as supplemental small group instruction for students who need more attention to academic language development and literacy.
  • Will there be enough units to implement as a full year curriculum?   Yes!  Our goal is to continue to develop units so you have a buffet of choices to build the year-long curriculum that best matches your students' needs.
  • Why are you including the counseling standards?  The curriculum you teach has little impact if you do not consider your students' social/emotional health and the relationships in the classroom. It is important to consider what our students bring to the educational experience and the stressors involved.

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