Test Them Out:  ELD Strategies to help long-term ELs successfully test out of your district's EL program

Join Kelly Reider (founder of English Learner Portal) and Kris Jagasia (CEO of Off2Class) for a presentation about how Off2Class can support your long-term English learners.

Recorded May 20, 2021  


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Meet the Presenters

Kris Jagasia is the co-founder and CEO of Off2Class, a software toolkit for ELL district teams. Off2Class is used by thousands of teachers in over 120 countries to deliver online and in-classroom ESL lessons. Kris has built many of the key teams within the business including teacher support & success, marketing and sales,and takes an active role in managing US K-12 operations.

Kelly Rider has 27 years of experience in public education settings including consultant, ESL district program coordinator, school administrator, instructional specialist, & teacher. She is an international workshop facilitator, former WIDA Certified Facilitator, a recipient of the TESOL ELT Leadership Management Certificate, and a National Board Certified Early Childhood Generalist. She provides consulting and professional development services in all aspects of instruction, language development, program evaluation, curriculum development, & system-level program planning. Kelly holds a Master's degree in Instructional Systems Development & certification in Elementary Education, Spanish, ESOL, & School Administration.

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