Best Practices for Language Development

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Back to School Considerations

Kelly shares her list of ideas for creating a school that welcomes all students and supports language development.

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Messy Objective Strategy

Modeling Messy Objective for an oral language development lesson.

Explore the Thinking Verb options here.

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Whole to Part Early Literacy Strategy

Listen in as Kelly models an early literacy strategy.

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Science Paired Conversation Protocol

Adding structured discourse to science instruction (applicable to all content areas).

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Developing Writing - Sentence Level (cont)

Developing Writing Series - a few more strategies for developing the sentence level of speaking and writing

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Preventing Seclusion - Lesson Video

This lesson uses structured partner talk to increase the amount of speaking every student produces.

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Developing Writing - Sentence Level

Developing Writing Series Episode 2 - one strategy to consider when focusing on developing the sentence level of speaking and writing

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Developing Writing - Word Level

Developing Writing Series Episode 1 - strategies to develop the word level (vocabulary) of speaking and writing

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Messy Objectives

Focus students on the academic language in your lesson using the Messy Objective strategy

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Checklist for a Language Rich Classroom

Kelly reviews her "go to" list of best practices for a language rich classroom.  How does yours measure up?

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Interactive Read Aloud to Writers' Workshop Lesson Sequence

Kelly walks through a lesson sequence model that begins with a language development/language arts integrated read aloud and ends with a completed written piece through a writers' workshop type model.

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Nine tips to welcoming newcomers (who don't speak English) to your class

How can you make a new non-English speaking student feel welcome in your classroom when you can't communicate verbally? Here are our nine proven tips for making an impact that is inviting and productive to the success of your new student.

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Your checklist to orienting immigrant & English learner families

What do you do for your English learner and immigrant families to the orient them to the American school system? How do you help provide them access to the information and support programs they need? Refer to this checklist for 20 great ideas.

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Top 13 things every language-rich classroom should have to start the school year

How can you make your classroom and routines beneficial to new English learners? We've created a resourceful checklist to help you identify simple tasks you can complete to make your classroom more language-rich.

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How to create language objectives

Language objectives are based on the linguistic demands of a content standard. They will help you support access to content instruction.

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Improve academic language with Thinking Verbs

Thinking Verbs is a simple tactic that can be implemented school-wide, grade by grade, to make a lasting impact on your students.

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Seeking a powerful way to impact English learner achievement?

Good family engagement is not really about one-time events. It has more to do with building relationships. That said, sometimes English learner family nights can be good way to help build those relationships......

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Math Anchor Charts

Anchor charts with word and sentence level support are a staple of a language focused classroom.

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