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Writing Across Disciplines

Breaking writing instruction down into manageable, actionable, logical steps.

Did your teacher prep program truly prepare you to TEACH writing?  I know mine didn't!

On top of that, over my 25+ years in public education, there was also little professional development available about teaching writing.  We were just told to have students writing throughout the day, across disciplines, and to use the state writing rubric to guide us.

What I learned is that great writing doesn't just magically happen by having students write!

At English Learner Portal, we only teach what has been proven
to work with English learners for consistent results and growth.

Ruslana has been actively researching writing development and instruction for a well known university program for years.  She's tried it all and knows what works.

"Writing Across Disciplines" is broken down to easily guide you through the why, what, and how of writing instruction.  You have both Ruslana and an ELP course facilitator as your guides along the way! 

In other words, you're never alone. There are resources and support in place to help you implement the tweaks we recommend each step of the way. 

It is possible to develop writing skills with ALL students 
without exhausting yourself or frustrating your students.

We understand teacher overwhelm, and set up our courses to avoid that feeling.  We tackle small steps to provide the biggest "bang for your buck" rather than recreating the wheel. 

Join us as we share Ruslana's expertise.  Move at your own at your own pace through our online course that gives you the option of three graduate credits or 45 professional development certificate hours upon completion, and a whole lot of peace of mind as you learn:

• examine the current state of writing instruction in your environment;

• review standards and identify the requirements of genres across content areas;

• explore strategies for prioritizing and targeting your instructional focus.

"My work with Ruslana has brought an understanding to me about the power of language. The importance of empowering students with the skills they need to clearly communicate their thinking through language, the written word. I also delight in watching the students gain a confidence as they become competent writers. "

ESL Teacher

Join us and learn from the best with the support of our amazing ELP community!

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• Full access to the "Writing Across Disciplines" course

  • Free copy of Ruslana's memoir "From Borsch to Burgers:  A Cross-Cultural Memoir"

• Access to the private Facebook group 

This option is fully facilitated with assignments, feedback, and cohort interaction over a guided 8-week period. Assignments keep you engaged in the content and making real-life connections.  This option earns a PD certificate of 45 hours or 3 graduate credits*.

*graduate credits are applied for via Brandman University for an additional cost of $225.  More details upon enrollment.


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