Spring Professional Learning Summit 2020

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English Learner Portal's Panel of Experts

Kelly Reider

Early Literacy for English Learners

Mia Ariela Allen

Cognitive Coaching with a Language Focus with Beth Skelton

Frank Bonkowski

Intermediate & Advanced Writing - Analyzing Film

Adriana Brown

Same, Same, Different - Planning a Compare & Contrast Unit

Dr. Ayanna Cooper

Assuring Linguistic Equity:  What educators need to know about the civil rights of ELs

Stefanie Edwards

How Do Your Thoughts Impact Your Life and Those of Your Students?

Laura Gardner

Immigrant Families 101

Rebecca Guzman

Active Listening Guides

Dr. Barbara Kennedy

Considering Dual Language:  A Guide to Thoughtful Program Planning

Amy Kines

Engagement for the Win

Deidre Kinoshita

Character Development & the Responsive Classroom

Lise Ragan

Research-Based Strategies and Resources for Effective EL Family Engagement

Dr. Claudia Rinaldi

Addressing the Needs of Bilingual English Learners in Schools Implementing Multi-tiered Systems of Support

Sarah Said

Putting Identity Affirmation at the Center of Schools

Beth Skelton

Cognitive Coaching with a Language Focus with Mia Ariela Allen

Monica Starkweather

Twice Exceptional?  English learners with, or suspected of, a disability.

Karen Walkinshaw

EL Policies and Implications on Education

Dr. Ruslana Westerlund

Teaching Theme Interpretation Essay Through the Teaching and Learning Cycle

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