Online Summer Cohort Courses Begin the Week of June 23rd!

Each course launches with a scheduled LIVE online gathering...

and continues self-paced with the guidance of a course facilitator. Summer coursework for credit should be submitted to the facilitator by August 23rd.

Convenient Online Courses

With online courses you can get the training you desire right from the comfort of your own home or during your prep period at school. All you need is your computer and internet access! The online portal is easy to use and requires no tech-savvy skills. We also provide a collaborative group environment online so you still get to interact with others and ask your questions!

Earn Graduate Credits

When you experience an English Learner Portal online program course (or attend a face-to-face training), you are eligible to receive two graduate credits for your effort. We have partnered with Brandman University to make this possible.  An additional payment of $75/graduate credit is due to Brandman University by the end of your course.  More information available at registration.


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