Improve your skills with English learners

As a teacher dedicated to the success of your English learners, are you looking for ways to elevate your teaching approach?

We compiled this resource collection to provide you with innovative tools and strategies that are effective in helping your students excel in both their understanding of the subject matter and their English language skills. 

  1. Three Principles of Differentiation: Delve into the core principles of differentiation to create an inclusive learning environment, tailoring instruction to the diverse abilities, learning styles, and backgrounds of English learners.

  2. Early Literacy Training: This module provides interactive techniques and practical resources to strengthen early literacy in reading and writing, setting English learners on a path to academic success and language proficiency.

  3. Developing Speaking and Writing - The Discourse Level: Enhance your students' speaking and writing skills at the discourse level with strategies for coherent discourse, classroom discussions, and the development of critical thinking and narrative skills.

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