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"From Borsch to Burgers" Book Study - by Ruslana Westerlund Offer

English Learner Portal's Book Studies are a way to explore culture and instruction through self-paced professional reading.  Book studies are self-paced, so enroll at any time and finish within six months for credit.  15 hours/1 graduate credit

"From Borsch to Burgers - A Cross Cultural Memoir" details the life experiences of Ruslana Westerlund. This memoir tracks her journey from a little girl in the potato fields of the Soviet Union to foreign new world of America. Ruslana elegantly and humorously captures her gleeful yet puzzling journey through new foods, customs, language, and love. Her message of cross-cultural discovery presents enlightening insights into understanding the nuances found in spanning two worlds. Her tale attempts to answer the questions asked by all people who have left their homeland to seek out a new life, “Who am I now?” and “Where do I fit in?”

Please join us in this cross-cultural exploration of immigration and establishing one's identity.

What you'll get:

  • a copy of the book mailed to you (please include your address in the checkout);
  • access to a community of professionals to discuss and reflect based on questions created by the author;
  • insight into "windows and mirrors" of cultural identity;
  • a certificate for completing 15 hours of professional learning.

You may also choose to earn 1 graduate credit with an additional payment of $75 to Brandman University.

What People Are Saying:

““While you may expect a historical review of European dishes, a review of how Ukranian dishes made it to the American kitchen or a cookbook that combines staple foods across two continents, From Borsch to Burgers is none of those. Ruslana Westerlund has gifted us, through her book From Borsch to Burgers a story of roots, wings and possibilities. She carefully selected various excerpts of her life journey that come together to create a mural that humanizes the immigrant story. Whether you are an immigrant or not, her story makes you long for your childhood home. Through stories that open your eyes to Ukranian history, culture and politics and stories that let you in the door to some of her most intimate stories of her life, Ruslana helps the reader connect in both familiar and unfamiliar ways. After all, we all have roots and her stories of home make you yearn for your own."”

Mariana Castro