Strengthen your engagement with English learners

Taking Your Teaching to the Next Level

As a dedicated educator who has successfully completed our other free trainings, you understand the value of continuous learning and development in your teaching journey.

We applaud your commitment to excellence and are excited to offer you the next step in your journey of professional growth.

In this training we've packaged two teacher-favorites to help you dive deeper into language and literacy education:

  1. The Five Day Challenge on Language Enhanced Literacy Lesson Sequence

     Embark on a transformative five-day journey, where each day unveils new insights and strategies to enrich your literacy lessons. This challenge is designed to seamlessly integrate language enhancement techniques into your teaching, ensuring that every lesson is an opportunity for profound language development.

  2. Word Sentence Discourse: Developing Speaking & Writing at the Word and Sentence Level

    Dive into the intricate world of language development at the micro-levels of words and sentences. This training offers in-depth strategies and tools to refine your students' speaking and writing skills, focusing on both the foundational and complex elements of language construction.


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