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Only $15 per month. For thousands of dollars worth of resources and live coaching. But, here's the catch...



We created the membership site exclusively for teachers of English learners who want to:

  • Engage with other teachers in real, meaningful conversations
  • Support each other by sharing best practices and embracing new ideas 
  • Save time by utilizing done for you lesson plans and resources, rather than "re-inventing the wheel"
  • Get answers to their most pressing questions by asking the experts who have been there, done that
  • Improve their ability to help other teachers in their own school and witness an improvement in their students 

If you feel like you meet these qualifications

And you are willing to bring your best self to the community - being encouraging and supportive, then we welcome you to join. Membership is month-to-month. So just cancel before the 29th of the month, and you won't be billed for the following month. No long term commitment. Just long-term rewards! 

Membership is now closed until 2020

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What's your reason?

Join the Wait List

When you need support or a new strategy...


Where can you turn for immediate help?

With access to the members-only resource library and live coaching site, you'll have 24/7 support and assistance whenever a new challenge arises. 

  • Have a new English learner pop-up mid year? We've got a plan to help you. 
  • Have a student you just can't seem to get engaged? We can coach you thru. 
  • When you need encouragement or a fresh idea for your lesson - we're here for you. 

Our community consists of teachers all over the country.
From first year ELL teachers, to experienced "experts" we are all here to share ideas, get support, and save time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Set your mind at ease. This is a great investment!

UNLIMITED access to all the resources within the membership - anytime you need them. 

Access to live coaching calls with Kelly Reider and other ELL professionals. 

Live trainings on important topics and strategies for extra learning and application tips. 

Your $10 rate secures your first month's access from October 1 - October 31, 2019. It will automatically renew for November unless you cancel by October 29th. 

Email by the 29th of the month in order to cancel your membership for the forthcoming month. Any cancellation received after that date will be activated the following month. 

After you join, you will receive an email confirmation and be directed to a thank you page. Both items contain the link to access the members-only Facebook group where we will build community, answers questions, share ideas, etc. 

We're opening again in 2020. Will you be in?

Don't overthink this. All you need to ask is...Do you trust English Learner Portal to provide you with the superior training, live coaching, and exceptional, done-for-you resources worth more than $15 per month? If you're blown away by all you get for that extremely low rate, then dive in now and save yourself time and money, so you can get back to teaching.


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