Maryland ESL Dual Certification Program

Attention Maryland Certified Teachers! There is a critical need for certified ESL teachers. The Maryland State Department of Education allows for teachers to add an ESL certification via a 30 credit count program. Since English Learner Portal believes in ensuring EVERY teacher is prepared to meet the needs of English learners, we are jumping in with a new 30 credit count certification program beginning in January 2020!! Both online and face-to-face options available!

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The English Learner Portal Team

At English Learner Portal, we have gathered an incredibly talented and experienced team of experts to develop and lead our programs. Most of the team is still actively teaching in classrooms, so their knowledge is up to date, relevant, and practical.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any teacher who currently holds a Maryland teaching certificate.

English Learner Portal's mission is to develop teachers into experts when it comes to working with English learners.  You can certainly take a few classes and then pass the Praxis, but to become a true expert you will need more.  Language development is a complex process and our students deserve the best prepared teachers!  Taking the full 30 credits of coursework will also make you stand out over other applicants.

We have great respect for our colleagues at the local universities.  Some of our team began their careers being trained in their programs!  There are two key benefits to learning from English Learner Portal.  First, everyone on the English Learner Portal team is currently teaching or was recently teaching in a K-12 classroom.  We get it and we've tried everything we share.  We are practical and realistic about the day to day life of a K-12 teacher.  Second, since we do not have to support a large university with brick and mortar expenses, we are able to offer all of courses for much less, often resulting in no out-of-pocket expense when using tuition reimbursement.

English Learner Portal runs 5 sessions a year where participants are enrolled in courses with other participants from across the country (sometimes the world).  These 8-12 week sessions begin in January, March, June, October, and November.  These courses are set up to follow a weekly timeline, but you may work at your own pace within the course - working ahead or moving a bit slower.  You also have the option of enrolling at any time and taking the course at your own pace.  Just let your facilitator know your preference when you enroll!

Certainly!  If you can gather a group of at least 10 teachers who want to take a course together face-to-face, we would love to come to you.  We'd ask your help in securing space.

Absolutely!  There are some perks to committing to the full program (such as extra coaching and online support), but if you just want to take one course at a time as it works for you, please do!

Once enrolled in a course through English Learner Portal, you will then register for your credits through Brandman University.  You fill out a quick form online and pay $225 to Brandman for a 3 credit course ($75/credit).  Brandman maintains your transcript which you can request at any time.  Once you complete the 30 credits, you will submit a transcript to your district's certification department for filing with MSDE.

Most courses in the program are facilitated by the English Learner Portal team.  Adriana is our course facilitator who gets you settled in and takes care of a lot of record keeping.  The instruction within the course varies from course to course.  You can find that information from the online courses page of our website.  You can meet our team members at


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