"Success for English Learners" Face-to-Face Workshop with Ready, Aim, Teach coming April 25-26, 2020

April 25 & 26, 2020 - English Learner Portal's Partnership with Ready, Aim, Teach is moving online!

The challenge for classroom teachers is rising as the number of English learners in the school system continues to increase. ESL teachers are a great resource, but with limited time and strapped budgets, there is only so much they can accomplish. In this workshop, we will give you resourceful tools you can implement immediately to help your English learners develop their language skills while also absorbing the content. The training will benefit you no matter the age of the student or the focus of the subject.

Want to host a workshop in your area? Contact Kelly to make arrangements for contract workshops or open enrollment options. [email protected]

Live workshops built for you!

English Learner Portal's founder, Kelly Reider, provides a quick intro to our face-to-face training options and how they are designed with your success in mind.

Upcoming Face-to-Face Courses

Our face -to-face open enrollment courses can be taken for graduate credit, certificate hours, or simply great learning. Tuition reimbursement MAY apply. Please check with your district to verify. Courses taken for graduate credit include an additional homework assignment.

Would you like to host a workshop for your staff at your location?

Just send Kelly a note and she can make that happen!  [email protected]

Earn Graduate Credits

When you attend an English Learner Portal face-to-face courses (or one of our online programs), you are eligible to receive graduate credits for your effort. We have partnered with Brandman University to make this possible. More information available at registration.


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