Online professional learning this summer that creates better learning this fall.

The unexpected changes we and our students experienced in the final quarter of the 2019/2020 school year were unprecedented. At English Learner Portal we are here to help you ease your students back into learning, get them engaged and on track as quickly as possible, all while maintaining your sanity. 

Check out the available online courses for this summer. We start and finish together so you are never alone, always supported, and having more fun.  All courses are asynchronous and self-paced with a dedicated course facilitator to guide you.  Optional live online collaboration sessions scheduled each week. Summer courses run June 22nd - August 16th.

Classes begin June 22nd!

Our foundational course and teacher favorite!

A Content Teacher's Guide to English Learner Success

Imagine what your day could be like worry less about your English learners.  They stop avoiding eye contact and instead raise their hands to answer a question and actually speak! 

Earn three graduate credits or 45 professional development hours.

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“The resources available from English Learner Portal have been invaluable! English Learner Portal has helped me rethink how I have been presenting certain topics, especially as they relate to my early literacy English learners."

Understand the link between language and literacy 

Whole to Part - Early Literacy for English Learners 

Watch your English learners blossom as they begin to build literacy skills faster as you are able to create lessons that connect language development with literacy skills in an engaging way.

Earn three graduate credits or 45 professional development hours.

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Learn the foundational why, what, and how, of writing instruction

Writing Across Disciplines 

Learn how to break writing instruction down into manageable, actionable, logical steps for your English learners in a way that helps improve the writing skills of ALL students 
without exhausting yourself.

Earn three graduate credits or 45 professional development hours.

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Understand critical issues in teaching academic writing 

Teaching Writing to Intermediate and Advanced English Learners

After we address the challenges of teaching academic writing, you’ll learn best practices for helping your intermediate and advanced English learners thrive. 

Earn three graduate credits or 45 professional development hours.

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Differentiating Instruction for CLD Students

This course focuses on the rationale and practical strategies for differentiating classroom instruction for culturally and linguistically diverse learners. 

Approved for 25 hours of EL PD in Colorado.


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Family & Community Engagement in Schools

Learn how to partner with your immigrant families and engage them in their children's education.

15 hours/1 graduate credit


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Book Study: From Borsch to Burgers 

Enjoy an easy summer read that will open your eyes to cross-cultural awareness.

15 hours/1 graduate credit



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Online Language & Literacy Development for English Learners

Explore a variety of strategies for teaching English learners online and join our collaborative community for support and brainstorming.

5 hours of online content + optional live collaboration sessions weekly


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Seeking certification or relicensure?

English Learner Portal is an approved vendor for English learner certification in Maryland, Colorado, and Indiana. We have customized programs in place to meet your state's requirements. 

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At English Learner Portal, we only teach what has been proven to work with English learners for consistent results and growth.