Wondering how to meet the Colorado English Learner Professional Development Standards?

English Learner Portal is honored to serve as a Colorado Department of Education approved professional development provider!

Professional Learning Pathways

Our 15 hour professional learning Pathways are designed to meet a variety of the Colorado ELPD Standards. Click the image below to download our Colorado Pathway Alignment document. Use this document to plan your professional learning program. Each Pathway is 15 contact hours (5 hours per course).

Group Professional Learning Options

Do you want to coordinate meeting the 45 hour requirement for a group of teachers in your district or school? Face to face and online options are available! Contact Kelly Reider at [email protected] or 910-388-4256 for more information.

To find more information & enroll...

Now Scheduling 2021-2022 Workshops at Your Location!

The cost of each workshop includes:

  • capacity for up to 50 participants
  • workshop facilitators who are familiar with the Colorado Academic Standards and the new English Language Learner Educator Standards
  • collection and review of homework/follow up assignments
  • certificates for successful completion (delivered to the host)
  • handouts
  • prizes/giveaways

The Full 45 Hour Breakdown

Each of the four workshop days usually begin at 8:00am and end at 4:00pm, with a one hour lunch. Participants will have homework/follow up assignments or coaching to complete in order to fulfill the professional development hour requirement. If you do not have the need or capacity to schedule the full 45 hour package, fully customized smaller programs are available as well.

Creating Systems of Support for Multilingual Learners

Possible Course Outcomes
Depending upon the customized plan chosen, participants will have:

  • identified the diversity within the English learner population
  • participated in instructional best practices that model differentiation for language
  • explored the language acquisition 
  • developed an understanding the English language development framework
  • become familiar with socio-cultural context and how it impacts expectations
  • earn up to 25 professional learning hours


Enhancing Academic Achievement of Multilingual Learners

Possible Course Outcomes
Depending upon the customized plan chosen, participants will have:

  • Created language and culture rich learning communities inclusive of linguistically and culturally diverse learners  

  • Identified students’ strengths and language development needs for different classroom tasks and assignments

  • Identified the academic language demands of texts and coursework

  • Planned lessons with a language lens to ensure that all students can achieve high expectations

  • Accommodated classroom assignments and assessments with appropriate supports for linguistically and culturally diverse students

  • Developed scaffolds and supports in each language domain (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) for students at different levels of language acquisition

  • Planned differentiated instruction for students at different language acquisition levels and cultural backgrounds

  • earn up to 25 professional learning hours


Follow up coaching services are available.  All professional development programs are fully customizable.

Meet the Language Development Experts

Our dedicated Colorado team of facilitators are experienced teachers with proven methods of empowering teachers to connect with their English learners and develop stronger practices for promoting English language development, confidence, and academic success.

Kelly Reider

As the founder of English Learner Portal, Kelly has 26 years of teaching and administration experience in public schools. Her primary focus is on providing the resources and education teachers need to engage their English learners with confidence and support.  Kelly is also a WIDA Licensed Facilitator.

Beth Skelton

With 30 years as a language educator,
Beth provides professional development focused on providing equitable education for multilingual learners. She is an active board member of CoTESOL and CO resident.

Mia Ariela Allen

With 20 years of teaching experience, Mia is also a WIDA Licensed Facilitator.  Mia's focus is on  improving programmatic structures and creating equitable learning opportunities for English Language Learners. She is a CO resident.


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