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How do you fairly grade English learners?

How do you fairly assess what your English learners know? How do you grade students who are not yet proficient enough in English to reach grade level expectations on all assignments?

**WARNING:  This blog is chock full of my own (pretty confident) opinions. :-)   I welcome any and all conversation and varying opinions on this topic.**

Since returning to a classroom environment on a more regular basis, I've been reminded how fast the content is delivered and the pace of new terms, new concepts, and new activities.  Having not spoken Spanish, biology, geometry, or theater in quite some time, I know my brain's tired at the end of the day!

Last week's blog about newcomers prompted a flurry of follow-up questions about grading.  This topic comes up a lot!

Last week I talked about newcomers getting about 20% of what happens in the classroom and a bit more with supports and a slower pace.  This isn't a research based number.  This is what I've seen...

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