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Newcomers & Beginning English Learners - Where Do I Start?

As we settle into second semester, a new batch of content teachers are working with groups of beginning English learners in their classes.  It's an uncomfortable feeling for both teachers and the students.  What are the expectations?  What are the processes in this class?  What's most important?

Research and experience tells us that our beginning English learners need time, exposure, experiences, and direct language instruction.  BUT....the reality is we don't have extended time.  We have one semester to conquer this content.  All of these students need something a little different, yet there is only one you.  Where do you start??

While I have no magic bullet, here's where I recommend all content teachers begin their quest to make their content accessible and their students successful.

1.  Relationships - Smile.  Let your students know you care.  Be honest.  Tell them you aren't exactly sure what's best but, together you...

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