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VLOG:: Visualizing - 2020 Kelly gives feedback to 2006 Kelly in this lesson video.....


The other day, I was going through some old flash drives trying to find a file about "look fors" (future blog) and I came across this video I used for my National Board Early Childhood Generalist renewal.  This is a video from around 2006 with me teaching a lesson on using visualization as a reading comprehension strategy in second grade. 

This class had some English learners that were all intermediate to advanced English proficiency.  Most of the class was reading "on grade level" but struggling a bit to get deeper in comprehension of what they read.  

What jumped out to me, watching this video 14 years later, was how some of what we teach today about making content accessible and comprehensible to ALL students hasn't changed much.  What HAS changed is my understanding of how critical interaction and discourse are in the classroom.  This was a wonderful class, but looking back I can see how this lesson could have been much more engaging for all students.

I added subtitles to the original video to show where 2020 Kelly would coach 2006 Kelly to enhance this lesson.  I'll be looking for a class to recreate this video with 2020 upgrades!  

This video only shows the guided instruction part of the lesson.  For independent work, students collaborated with a partner to read various texts about animals (differentiated for their reading levels) and use visualization in the margins to help them remember important information.

I'd love to hear your feedback as well.  What have you learned about language and content development that would lead you to change or tweak portions of this lesson?


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