Indiana English Learner Teacher of Record (EL TOR) & ENL Certification

Attention Indiana Teachers! In August 2019, Indiana released new guidelines for English learner program staffing. English Learner Portal can help you meet the new requirements or add an ENL licensure!

How can English Learner Portal help?  

  • Our course, "A Content Teacher's Guide to English Learner Success" meets the second language acquisition coursework requirement for 15 points on the EL TOR Rubric.
  • Our face-to-face workshops and online courses meet the requirements for "Professional Development Activities" on the EL TOR Rubric.
  • Our online courses can be used to meet coursework requirements for ENL licensure.

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The English Learner Portal Team

At English Learner Portal, we have gathered an incredibly talented and experienced team of experts to develop and lead our programs. Most of the team is still actively teaching in classrooms, so their knowledge is up to date, relevant, and practical.

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