The 2022-2023 Pathways

Complete a full Pathway of learning (3 courses) to deepen your expertise or learn a la cart!  

One graduate credit is available for each completed Pathway for an additional fee of $75 paid to UMass Global.

Receive Digital Credentials (certificate and badge) for each 5 hour course completed.  

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Professional learning in manageable 5 hour courses!

Focused training at an unbeatable price of $75.

Our 5 hour courses give you just what you need and no added stress. Dive into one topic - get proven research-based strategies, helpful resources, and supportive group discussions to help you learn and apply in just five hours! Take multiple courses for your personal growth or to apply for our credentialing certification and graduate credit (see below).

Now registering for the courses below! 

Registration now open - $75 per course or $215 for an entire 3 course Pathway!

District/school cohorts can be arranged with customized start and end dates.  Contact [email protected].

Purchase orders accepted.  Please email Kelly at [email protected] with the course names, participants, and their email addresses to begin the process.

“This was an awesome training! It was a tremendous value for the cost. I loved all of the videos, everyone's energy, and that they came from different parts of the country. I loved it and would definitely recommend this course to ANY educator.”

"I loved this training! I learned so many new and exciting strategies that I cannot wait to use in my classroom! I was feeling very overwhelmed with teaching virtually but now I feel a lot better knowing all of these new ways to do it online."

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“I feel as if I have been living under a boulder for the past 5 years. This training is wonderful. I am learning so many strategies that are new to me. Thank you English Learner Portal.”

Receive recognition for your efforts with digital credentialing

Our new digital credentialing program consists of a series of 5 hour courses for professional learning. These courses are organized into tiered Pathways that guide you along a continuum of learning that meets your individual needs and interests.

With the completion of each 5 hour course, you receive two types of digital credentials - a digital certificate and digital badge. These digital credentials are delivered to you via an email that directs you to our digital credentialing platform. From there, you can access your credentials, print, save, share, post on your LinkedIn profile, add to your resume or professional website, send to your HR department or principal, add to your professional document your dedication to continuous professional learning and growth!