Three Principles – 5 Day Lesson Planning Challenge

Integrating the Three Principles in your lesson plans to engage English learners

Five days of little tweaks and considerations that will leave you amazed how such little effort can make such a big difference!  A community of teachers coming together to support and learn!

Just complete the enrollment form and receive an email with the Study Guide and video link!  You will also have access to our private Facebook group!

Enrollment closes December 20th!


Here's the schedule for your 5-day challenge!

The challenge is self-paced. If you miss a day, the lesson will be waiting for you in your inbox when you’re ready. Just complete them in order, since each lesson builds on the one prior. Every lesson is 20 minutes or less. You then take the lesson and put it into action. At the end of the week you will have a stellar lesson plan ready to go!

Day 1

Setting the scene.  What's your current mindset when teaching English learners?  How engaged are they?  How comfortable are you?  Kelly will introduce you to the Three Principles and how they lead a huge difference in student engagement.

Day 2

The biggest bang for your buck in lesson planning - interaction!  Students must USE the language to  ACQUIRE the language.  Learn how a few tweaks can really up the level of interaction in your classroom.

Day 3

Kelly shares additional interaction strategies that can enhance the language and concept development across the school day.

Day 4

Kelly shares how building comprehensibility into our lesson plans is a must, yet simple to do.  Gain a few strategies for making your content more comprehensible to English learners.

Day 5

Maintaining a high level of critical thinking and rigor is crucial for ALL students.  How do you do that with our full range of English proficiency levels?

Jump in and join us!


The strategies shared in the 5 Day Lesson Planning Challenge are a small part of our online course, "A Content Teacher's Guide to English Learner Success". If you are ready to get more sooner than later, this may be the right place for you! The course begins on January 20th and runs through March 16th. It's a fantastic course and will certainly get you on your way to feeling confident with your English learners.


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